At Kognito, we believe in the power of conversation.

Everywhere, everyday—people and professionals are engaged in challenging health and wellness conversations-at home or work; in physicians' offices, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies; in schools and universities.

  • How do I motivate my patient to follow my treatment recommendations?
  • How do I talk to my spouse about PTSD?
  • How do I support a student struggling with psychological distress or thoughts of suicide?
  • How do I engage a family member, loved one or caregiver in helping my young patient fight obesity?
  • How do I talk to my child about alcohol?
  • How do I help a senior manage their chronic disease, adhere to their medications and reduce their hospital admissions?

We are pioneers in developing research-proven, role-play simulations that prepare individuals to lead real-life conversations that inspire and inform, impact how people think and act, evoke empathy and change lives. We build and assess their confidence and competency by providing them the ability to practice conversations with our growing family of emotionally-responsive virtual people.

Our innovative approach uses the science of learning, the art of conversation and the power of game technology to measurably improve social, emotional, and physical health. Our growing portfolio of Kognito simulations are used by leading health, education, government, and non-profit organizations. Kognito is the only company with health simulations listed in the National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (NREPP).

Co-founded by Ron Goldman, CEO, and Glenn Albright, Ph.D., director of applied research, the company's team of learning experts, psychologists, instructional designers, graphic designers, marketing and sales professionals, researchers and software engineers work together to create a world where all individuals and communities harness the power of conversation to improve lives. Headquartered in New York City, the company began operations in 2003.

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