Veterans on Campus


Veterans on Campus for Faculty & Staff is listed in the SPRC Best Practices Registry. Veterans on Campus: Peer Program follows the same instructional approach and is under review for inclusion in the Best Practices Registry.

A large scale longitudinal study was conducted on the faculty program surveying 296 faculty and staff members at 11 institutions of higher education in eight states. Participants completed a pre-training questionnaire, a survey immediately following the training and either a four-week, six-week or 12-week survey. Results found statistically significant (p<.05) increases from pre- to post-training in changes in military cultural competency skills as well as identifying, approaching and connecting students exhibiting signs of psychological distress. These findings remained significant after 4, 6 and 12 weeks. Specifically, the study showed a substantial increase (50%) in the number of students identified, approached and referred to mental health support services. Additionally, survey results showed that 81 percent of participants rated the training as very good or excellent and 97 percent said they would recommend the course to their colleagues.

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