Kognito has pioneered a number of proprietary technologies that enable us to create and deliver cost-effective and pedagogically sound experiences, through which learners can experiment, learn, and practice in order to alter perceptions, improve skills, and change health behaviors.

Kognito's flagship technology is the award-winning Kognito Conversation Platform™, which is based on research in neuroscience and social cognition. The platform enables Kognito to author and deliver virtual practice environments where learners engage in role-play conversations with emotionally responsive virtual humans that act and respond like real humans, thereby replicating real life interactions.

The underlining architecture of the conversation allows users to gain repeated and deliberate practice in applying specific tactics, experiencing their consequences, and receiving real-time, personalized feedback. This architecture is based on recent research in neuroscience and social learning theory, which shows that exposing people to repeated patterns of behavior and allowing them to make decisions and experience their consequences is an effective way to accommodate new information into their existing mental schemas and support changes in real-life behaviors.

The Kognito Conversation Platform has several unique features, including:

  1. Dynamic Conversation Architecture - Conversation paths continuously adjust based on the user's decisions and their impact on the avatar's emotional state. As a result, different users can have different experiences with the same virtual human depending on which tactics they choose to apply.

  2. Emotionally Responsive Virtual Humans - Virtual humans respond verbally and through body language and facial expressions. These characters have their own emotional states and memories, which drive their reactions to users' decisions during the conversation.

  3. Behavioral Model - Conversations are built around a behavioral model which dictates the cause-and-effect relationship between users' decisions and the virtual humans' responses. This ensures that learners are repeatedly exposed to target conversation and behavioral patterns as a way to develop skills.

  4. Behavioral Analysis - System infrastructure records and analyzes learners' tactical decisions throughout the conversation.

  5. Assessment - Integrated online surveys—pre- , post- , and follow-up—are linked to individual users in order to measure changes in perception, knowledge, skill, and behavior of individuals over time.

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