A longitudinal study was conducted between 04/2011-12/2012 among 430 faculty and staff at 63 institutions of higher education in 24 States in the U.S. Participants first completed a pre-survey (baseline) and the one-hour online training, followed immediately by a post-training survey. Participants then completed either a three-month (n=212), six-month (n=91), or 12-month (n=113) follow-up survey. Provided below is a summary of the findings:

1 Gatekeeper Skills:

The study found a statistically significant increase (p<.05) in Total Gatekeeper Skills from pre- to post-training that remained significant at all three follow-up points.

2 Behavioral Change and Referral Rates

Participants reported a statistically significant increase (p<.05) at all three follow-up points in terms of the number of students they were concerned about, approached, and referred to support services during the prior two academic months. Specifically, there was an increase of 47% in the average number of students approached and 42% in the average number of students referred by participants to support services.

3 Satisfaction & Learning Experience

Participants highly rated the learning experience and the program’s design:

  • 99% rated the program as excellent (45%) very good (38%) or good (16%)

  • 98% said they would recommend the course to their colleagues

  • 99% said the program was easy to use

  • 100% said it was based on scenarios relevant to their work with students

  • 97% said it will aid them in getting timely help to their students

You can download the complete study here

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